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4 Tips to Marketing Analytics: Part 3

Story time.

Back in the day, when digital advertising was so new, I had this campaign running. It was for a brand new service and there was only one long-time competitor in the area.

The catch to this story is that the first 30 days' digital numbers were awful. It did not perform. But it was new, so I gave it another chance.

The second month rolled around, and yucky numbers again. At the time I was an ardent believer in 90 days to determine traction, I waited for the next set of numbers.

You guessed right. It was horrible.

Here's the thing: When digital ads don't perform to what we now know are industry standards there is a problem. You don't have to wait 90 days to see if the trend shifts. It likely will not.

Check your ad, the visuals, and the copy. Are you using lofty language? Does the photo look like your business or your product and would it be understood by your target audience?

Check your competition. How do their ads compare? What message do they drive home?

Then, dig deep to determine what is your competitive advantage? Then, build a message in real people's language.

Check your website/splash page against the same standards. Is it searchable for keywords real people use?

Does the language in your new ad match the language on your website? Are the visuals complimentary? Does it make sense?

Tick all these boxes and watch your digital numbers shift.

Lastly, if you did your homework, all of these boxes would be checked to begin with. Strategy is as important in digital advertising as any other marketing you do.

What opportunities are you missing by not minding the store? You have to mind the metrics? It will tell you what is working and what isn't.

But you have to pay attention.

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