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5 tips for starting a business

As a newly formed business and now solopreneur, here are my five tips for starting a business.

1. Expect the unexpected.

For me, it all started as a project for my daughter’s business class. She needed to create a business plan for a new business. One thing led to another and all of a sudden, I began to see possibilities.

But this assignment was pretend, right? Or was it?

Little did I know that months later I would jump in with both feet. The timeline moved up and unexpectedly here I was – a full-fledged business owner with a client to boot.

2. Have a plan.

Thankfully, I did have a plan. The plan included the research, the buckets of business and a three-year projection. I can’t say enough about the importance of a plan, a SWOT analysis, and a solid look at revenue streams and expenses. It allowed me to strike while the iron was hot and to do so with confidence.

3. Work the plan.

A business plan is a must-have. But a plan doesn’t do any good if you don’t work it. I created to-do steps from the plan and began to walk it out. One step at a time. I kept a list and marked things off as I went along and counted each one as a win. By the end of my first month, there was a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

I’m not going to lie. Twelve hours out of the day I felt like, hell yeah, I can do this. But there were also 12 other hours in the day where I thought, oh my god, what have I done!

That’s why having a plan and working on the plan are so important. It keeps you on task, focused, and accountable.

4. Stay focused.

As I said, there are moments when you can let your imagination run away with you. Moments where you could go racing back to the man and beg for your job. By leaning into your dreams, trusting your plan, and lasering in on why this new business matters, you will grow and learn immensely through the process and things begin to happen.

5. Breathe.

When it feels amazing, breathe. When it feels scary, breathe. When you just don’t know what to do next, breathe again. It won’t happen overnight. It will happen though. With time, attention to detail, and a solid plan to walk out everything will come together in just the right time.

Bonus tip: Count your blessings every day. I can’t say enough about walking away each day with a win that you write down and look back on at the end of the month. However big, and no matter how small, reflect on the things that made each day special.

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