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6 Reasons Why Website Content Matters

Updated: Jan 31

I am often asked the question of whether websites still matter in a world full of social media. The answer is unequivocal. Yes, websites matter!

Here are 6 reasons why your website and its content matter.

1. You own it.

Let’s face it. You can be on all the social media platforms in the world and at the end of the day you do not own your space there. You are subject to each platform’s unique eccentricities. You are impacted by their individual algorithms. You are obligated to abide by their rules.

With a business website, you own it. You have the last say as to what, when, how, and why you do what you do for your business.

2. It’s a direct extension of your brand.

There are no limitations to the number of images, products, services, or information you provide. You can wholly reflect your brand.

3. 100% message control

That’s right. You control the message. Provide updates, make announcements, and create FAQs to your heart’s content. There are no trolls. There are no commenters with hidden agendas. Your website. Your space. Your rules.

4. Credibility

Having a website adds to your business credibility. It is the trusted source for information about what you do. It provides consumers with confidence that there is a real business with real people who care about their customers. It is essential for local businesses.

5. Digital Advertising requires a website

A really important element of marketing your business is the ability to target audiences. If you want to take advantage of the many forms of digital advertising open to you, there must be a website to click thru to. Whether you are driving them to buy a product or to a specific splash page for your offer, a website is a trusted place to drive business.

6. Attract new leads through Google search

A website can attract new customers and drive organic traffic based on Google searches for products and services or information. Good websites are keyword aware and understand the use of long-form content, internal linking, external linking, and backlinks to drive their Google ranking and attract new customers.

You have an incredible opportunity with your website to attract new customers who are interested in your brand. Finding them comes with a strategy that supports your story, your products/services, your mission/vision/values, and your desired outcomes.

For many figuring out web content is overwhelming. Partnering with a trusted, experienced, and valued practitioner can make a difference in surviving or thriving in 2023.

Your website is supposed to help your business grow. If you are not seeing growth, DM me today, and let’s get to the bottom of it, fix it, and rely on it to help you grow!

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