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About mood and mindfulness and creativity ...

Creativity can ebb and flow. For me, I find it is oftentimes impacted by mood.

There was a time several months ago I thought I was losing my mind. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

I think the last 3 years of COVID have taught all of us a lot about mental health and mindfulness and how it affects our mood.

When my head is swirling and trying to sink me down the negative black hole of despair, I put Tibetan Healing Sounds music on and let it play in the background. I start out loud to drown out the noise in my head and then would slowly lower the volume until the negative thoughts would subside.

Sometimes I needed it for a moment. But, at this particular time in life, I played it for many, many weeks.

I can see now the Universe was making me uncomfortable in my corporate nest so this little bird would fly. And so I did. And, WV Content Marketing Queen was born. :)

And, since starting my own business I haven't needed Tibetan music. More time for Pink.

I love all kinds of music. It makes me happy, energizes me, or empowers me to keep going. Andy Grammer’s music makes me happy and immediately elevates my mood.

I come back to Tasha Cobb at the Ryman A LOT, no matter where I am in life.

As a yogi, I find music to be a powerful healer, mood adjuster, and mindfulness center-er. It induces all forms of meditation for me. It facilitates creativity.

I’m curious, do you have a go-to list of music based on the mood you're in? What does the soundtrack to your life read like?

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