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Email Marketing: Action, Intention, Authenticity

My three favorite words when talking to businesses about their marketing are:

  • Action

  • Intention

  • Authenticity

I ask questions like: Do you have an action plan for marketing your business that intentionally positions your business for growth? And how do you authentically tell your business story?

I offer a course on email strategy, Targeted vs. Owned, where I walk you through what actions you need to take with your email campaigns, how to be clear with your intentions, and tips on how to show up authentically.

Before we walk through the high points of the training let’s define targeted versus owned.

A targeted email campaign is a form of digital advertising where you purchase a list of emails from a vendor. The vendor sends an approved email on your behalf. You do not own the list of emails.

That is why you would want to make sure you have a lead capture form on your website. You want to collect those email addresses by allowing users to connect with you further by adding them to your e-newsletter.

Targeted email campaigns are great if you don’t have a list of your own, you need to grow your list, or you don’t have the right target demographic in your own list.

An owned list is exactly that. You have a list that you have cultivated while in business. It is gold!

Regardless of whether you are using a vendor for the email list or utilizing your own list, having a strategy will help you achieve your goals.

1. Action – there are three important action steps to take when executing an email campaign.

First, make sure you are capturing emails through your website, your point-of-sale system, your social media messages, or out in the community at events.

Second, be sure to tag your database entries with essential keywords, such as 2023, product, service, refers, and VIP, so you can intentionally email them offers later.

Third, consistently send emails to your list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Choose the frequency that makes sense for your business and supports your overall marketing plan.

2. Intention – with intention comes consistency. The more consistent you are the more your audience will trust your brand, will depend on your messages, and will act on your offers.

Plan out ahead of time how you will be intentional with your messaging. Will your emails be educational? Informative? Sales driven? Or, inspirational in content?

It is important to check that your messaging coincides with your marketing, sales, and/or communications plan. The last thing your customer needs is confusing messages or mixed signals on what is being offered.

I highly recommend standardizing the format of your emails in a way that your readers can come to know what to expect each time.

And don’t forget those subject line hooks and body copy calls to action.

Remember, there is power in the P.S. and every good email takes advantage of the P.S.

3. Authenticity – there is lots of competition in the world, but there is only one you.

That’s right. In the global world of business, there are lots of competitors. And then there is you. Be sure that your messaging supports your organizational mission, vision, and values.

Let the tone of your emails be in lockstep with your brand. If you are funny, then be funny. If you are serious, be serious. Quirky, it works, if it is authentically your brand.

People do business with people they resonate with. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Tell it again and again. I urge you to be great at telling your story.

The more people connect with you the stronger your sales will be.

The answer to email marketing anxiety

If all of this gives you real heartburn, don’t forget there are alternatives. You can go about the day-to-day of your successful business and leave the successful marketing to WV Content Marketing.

One more time, I have to ask: Do you have an action plan that intentionally sets your business up for growth this year?

If not, just remember I’m here to help your business grow with action, intention and authenticity. Call the Queen. 304.834.7577

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