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Top Three Reasons Why I Work in Canva

It’s been a hot minute since my undergrad days when I started designing the Concordian (Concord University)

student newspaper layouts in QuarkXPress.

Mostly due to trial by fire, I picked it up quickly.

It wasn’t long after that I adopted InDesign(ID) and the Creative Cloud(CC) became my go-to tool of choice for years.

When I started WV Content Marketing Queen, I was trying to keep my financial investments low and explored a lot of free tools, ranging from design to productivity to CRM.

When I dipped into Canva I was amazed by the ease of its use but felt it was missing some of the functionality I was accustomed to, or so I thought.

My muscle memory wanted to perform those actions that were second nature when using ID or Photoshop(PS).

It wasn’t long before I made the big purchase and migrated back to CC.

Much to my surprise, I mean seriously flabbergasted, I found I enjoyed working in Canva.

Now I spend most of my time on this app.

Top Three Reasons Why I work in Canva.

1. Ease of use. Canva has simplified so many aspects of design and made it super user-friendly to work from a desktop and even more so compared to CC, from a mobile device.

2. Accessibility. Absolutely everything you need to create professional designs is a click or two away. Literally, thousands of images,

graphics, design elements, and backgrounds are at your fingertips.

3. Shareability. Even the process of downloading and sharing files is super simple. Creating a “Team” in Canva gives you even more latitude when working with others.

To keep this short an simple, I’m stopping at three reasons. I could go on and on about the templates, the AI, and the apps. Or, the fact that you can load your brand assets into the app and produce your own design templates for team use.

Canva is great for small businesses, non-profits or solopreneurs who are on limited budgets. The FREE version will get you a long way. The very affordable paid version will open you up to so much more.

Don’t get me wrong. I trickle back over to PS and ID as needed. And, I’m okay with that.

But, Canva has my day-in, day-out vote. It’s awesome.

With Canva, anyone CAN DO.

If you are new to design tools or to Canva and are looking for beginner-friendly training, join me for a virtual training, Canva Can Do – on March 2 at 10 a.m. Click here to learn more.

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