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What is Content Marketing?

What exactly is Content Marketing

By Jeri S. Knowlton

My skill for content creation was put to the test during COVID. Hours and hours of content development were poured into communicating both internally and externally for two straight years.

I worked for a hospital system at the time and the need to keep the workforce appraised of rapidly changing protocols was mission critical.

At the same time, keeping our communities safe, informed, and reassured was fraught with the same sense of urgency.

Content marketing is about providing the right information, the right way, to the right demographic.

At its core, it’s a matter of showing up authentically for the human experience and connecting with those customers, clients, and patients in a real way.

You have to be able to catch people where their attention turns, and their interest lies.

Sometimes that is an email. Other times it’s an advertisement.

Social media posts may be the right answer on some days.

Websites certainly need to be current on all days.

And we know we can rely on digital advertising to get the message to a specific audience as needed.

Content marketers understand that source, message, channel, and receiver tactics are necessary and important.

Content marketers possess the communication skills needed to develop the right elements of the message together in some sort of way. We are the masters of making the message come to life so that all your senses come alive with understanding.

We are professional people watchers. We spend hours learning consumer attitudes, beliefs, and cultures so we can get it just right.

Over the years we’ve gotten good at taking the long story to the short story to the snippet and back again.

Content marketing is a connector. We connect you, your brand, your story, and your mission to the right people. We connect your business to opportunity. We connect its goals to desired outcomes.

It’s strategic, emotional, and creative. It is a talent and a skill. It is science and its assumption.

That, my friends, is what content marketing is all about.

Source for Berlo's SMCR Model of Communication below:

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